Renting & Maintaining Plants how does it work?

We rent the office plant displays to you and come and maintain the displays for you. Our regular maintenance visits include watering, feeding, pruning, cleaning/dusting and replacing plants free of charge as necessary. This is a popular choice because it's low cost, hassle free and there is no capital outlay.

What if the plant dies or outgrows its surroundings?

Any necessary plant replacements are free of charge as part of our Total Care Rental Maintenance Package”

My plants look dry should I water them before your next visit?

No need, sometimes the office air conditioning or heating can dry the top layer of soil. But most of the water the plant needs, is stored well below the surface, underneath and around the plant.

Once the plant displays have been installed will I have to water them?

No, our Rental and Maintenance displays are covered by our Total Care Package. We regularly visit your site to water, feed , prune and generally keep the displays looking tip top. We even make any necessary plant replacements Free of Charge.

The Plants winked at me!

Its only your imagination, maybe you're working too hard and need a break. Take a break!

I want to rent plant displays for my business, will I have to pay anything upfront?

No, there are no upfront costs. When you order Rented & Maintained displays you only pay a small regularly monthly fee after the plants have been installed. 

How much does it cost?

Most customers choose live plant displays on rental with maintenance, which costs from £1.20 per week per display.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover most areas of the UK, please view our Areas Covered page

Can I buy plant displays off you?

Yes, we do sell plant displays on an outright purchase basis. If you’ve got green fingers you can look after them yourself, or we can pick up the maintenance with our Ongoing Maintenance service.

Our office doesn’t have any natural light, can we have live plants?

Yes, we have a selection of low light tolerant plants that we use in offices where there is no natural light. Get in touch to find out what’s available

What size projects do you specialise in?

We can supply a few plants to a local School or almost a 1,000 displays to a Global HQ building. Read about our Large Projects here……> this to link to Large Projects Blog

I want Live Plants for my Business

Most customers choose living displays on rental with maintenance, which costs from £1.20 per week per display.

  • We rent thedisplays to you and come and maintain them for you with our "Total Care Package".

  • Our regular maintenance visits include watering, feeding, pruning, cleaning/dusting and replacing plants free of charge as necessary.

  • This is a popular choice because it's low cost, hassle free and there is no capital outlay.

Other options include buying the plant displays outright and have Office Landscapes look after them for you - on a backup maintenance basis. Or if you have green fingers then you can buy the interior plants outright and look after them yourselves.

I want Artificial Plants for my Business:

We have an extensive range of replica plants shown in our 88 page brochure, that can be viewed/downloaded at the top of our Artificial Plants page. Please let us know your requirements.